The 9th International Book Arsenal Festival will be held in Mystetskyi Arsenal

22.05.2019, 12:00

The 9th International Book Arsenal Festival where the book, literary and artistic scenes develop and interact with each other will be held on the 22-26 of May in Mystetskyi Arsenal. During four days, the famous Ukrainian and overseas authors will present their publications at the book exhibition-fair.

Through literature, educational practices, peoples’ experience and intellectual engagement the authors and visitors may enhance their abilities and motivation broadly in the context of the book and art.

This year the focus theme of the Festival is “Neighbourship: an open question” which means co-existence, a common being based on values ​​and arrangements. In the wider context this topic encompasses various manifestations of relations between cultures, history and politics of neighbouring countries, the issues of good neighbourship, partnership and cooperation on the international scale.

The International Book Arsenal Festival program raises and reflects the important issues of human existence, as well as society and culture.

“Responsibility, participation and dialogue are the concepts actively discussed in the Ukrainian society as the key notions for further development of the country. All of them assume the other side, the other voice. Who are these well-known and unknown “others” with whom we interact on the geographical scale of the country, in the immediate border zone and within the framework of modern political alliances? Where does the private territory end and where does the common one start?”, says Vira Baldyniuk, a curator of the focus theme program, the editor-in-chief of the online magazine “Korydor”, a journalist and a critic.

Photo: Mystetskyi Arsenal

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