The New 2020: what is it like?

  The New Year 2020 is a leap year of the white metallic rat and the rat is the first sign of the Oriental calendar according to which metal embodies such qualities as stubbornness, persistence, determination, while the white colour symbolizes purity, sincerity and good intentions. As if the symbol of the year shows that […]

Starting with 2022 in Ukraine the use of plastic bags will be limited in shops and cafes

The Parliament has adopted the draft of the Law of Ukraine about restriction of circulation of plastic bags on the territory of Ukraine. Since January 1, 2022, the projected law prohibits the distribution of plastic bags with thickness up to 50 micrometers in retail and catering establishments.      So far in Ukraine only 6% […]

The Ministry of Science of Ukraine continues integration into European Science

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is planning to introduce changes into the system of financing tertiary education. This plan was mentioned in the statement by the Minister of Education and Science Hanna Novosad who introduced the «To do list» of these changes, in particular, implementation of the system of financing tertiary education […]

“The Euromap of Ukraine”: an instrument of annual monitoring of the Ukrainian regions’ European integration has been presented

On November 11 the New Europe Center in cooperation with the Governmental Office for Coordinating European and Euro-Atlantic Integration conducted debates in Kyiv during which they presented a survey “The Euromap of Ukraine. The rating of the regions’ European integration”. «The Euromap» is the first comprehensive survey of the Ukrainian movement towards the European integration. […]

The State Budget Project 2020 is balanced and aimed at decreasing the external debt, which means stability and predictability for both the citizens of Ukraine and partners from the EU, states Dmytro Kuleba

On November 5, the Prime-Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk has made a public presentation of the updated project of the State Budget 2020. The Prime-minister of Ukraine has stated that for the first time formation of the income part of the State Budget has been conducted without increasing the taxation level but at the expense […]

Exhibition project The Ukrainian Art: From the Soviet period to Present days has been presented at the Bereznitsky Art Foundation

The Kupava Auction House has opened a pre-auction exhibition of Contemporary and the Soviet Ukrainian art “From Red to Blue–Yellow”. The exposition covers the works by the classics of visual art of the late twentieth century in combination with the oeuvre of the Ukrainian contemporari art stars, such as Tatiana Yablonskaya, Mykola Glushchenko, Vladyslav Mamsilov, […]

“VUFKU. Lost & Found”: The Museum of Cinema exhibition at the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center

See for yourself the Ukrainian “Hollywood” films. “VUFKU. Lost & Found” exhibition includes rare film footage, newsreels, animation and sound effects. That is a reality now in the new Multimedia Museum of Cinema at the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center. Video: Halyna Kapustynska 

Presentation of the Ukrainian language version of the world-famous comic book “Tenten. The 20th century reporter in the Land of the Soviets” will take place in Kyiv

The Land of the Soviets: collectivization, famine, propaganda. Testimony of the cult character of the Belgian Publisher Hergé On October 23 at 11:00 the presentation of the world-famous Belgian book “Tenten. The 20th century reporter in the Land of the Soviets”will take place in Ukrinform (Kyiv). In cooperation with the PNZL Publishing House and the […]

The «Fake People» Exhibition opening by Andrey Tsoy at the White World Center for Contemporary Art

On October 15 the White World Center for Contemporary Art has inaugurated the painting exhibition “Fake People” by Andrey Tsoy. The project is exploring a human desire to participate in faking both emotions and actions for themselves and others. Among many modern symbolists this artist’s works are distinguished by their conciseness in a color scale […]

ART & SCIENCE II – the exhibition about innovative methods of researching paintings at the Khanenko Museum

The ART & SCIENCE II exhibition was inaugurated at the Khanenko Museum within the framework of the NA.MY.ST.O educational project. Its displays are dedicated to the development and application of modern technical and technological research. Using five cutting-edge research methods technologists and fine art experts have studied five paintings from the museum and only one […]

Exhibition “Modern Ukrainian Symbolism and Mykhailo Vrubel”

The National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery” has presented the exhibition “Contemporary Ukrainian Symbolism and Mykhailo Vrubel” as part of the new museum project “Dialogue through the Centuries”. Within the exposition for the first time one may admire the works by Mykhailo Vrubel together with contemporary Ukrainian artists. The exhibition project “Dialogue through the Centuries. The […]

The “Inclusive EDU CAMP” Project presentation

The presentation of “Inclusive EDU CAMP” Project will take place on October 5 at the Pavlo Tychyna Literary Memorial Museum. It is the final exhibition of works by artists, specialists in the museum sphere and architects. During one month the project participants were studying various approaches to work with inclusive programs and space, the opportunities […]