The Library of New York turns 125: the rating of the most popular books

On occasion of its 125th birthday the New York Public Library has made a list of books that have been in greatest demand with the readers. For almost half a year the analysts and librarians have been cooperating to compile and group the data. They have analyzed all the formats, including electronic books and editions […]

The International Flash-mob: The Museum Selfie Day!

On each third Wednesday of January people around the world celebrate the Museum Selfie Day and organize the corresponding flash-mob. This is a good occasion to visit cool exhibitions in order to find out something new and see something exciting as well as to make bright photos and upload them into social networks with the […]

“Astronavigator” is an exhibition by the Ukrainian master of decorative art Vasyl Mizler

The Kyiv Triptych fine art gallery: the Global Arts Workshop has presented “Astronavigator”, a solo exhibition by the Ukrainian master Vasyl Mizler. Impressive in scale and compositional complexity, the author’s art works combine archaic and futuristic geometry, as well as stasis and dynamism. The ornaments could easily be imagined on both archeological findings and on […]

The Opening of the exhibition “Ukrainian Army: 1917-1921”

On December 6, on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the legendary First Winter Campaign of the UNR Army in Kiev, the exhibition dedicated to the armed forces of the Ukrainian Revolution “Ukrainian Army: 1917-1921” was opened. The exhibition “Ukrainian Army: 1917-1921” tells about […]

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has started the 2019 public project reporting procedure

At the M17 Contemporary Art Center the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has started the “Reporting project” initiative that will present the results of the Foundation’s activity in 2019 and will last over the period of December 3-5. Also the Art Center Space has presented an exhibition that was assembled from absolutely different project objects and will […]

Opening of Oleksii And’s painting exhibition “EVOLUTIO”

The White World Center for Contemporary Art has inaugurated the opening of the “EVOLUTIO”exhibition by Ukrainian artist Oleksii And. The artist’s painting is characterized by “associative symbolism”organically combining the symbols deep energy with modern authorial innovations. “Everything is flowing, everything is changing”, wrote the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, noting that “one cannot enter the same […]

Overview of the exhibition «Media addiction. The Ukrainian version» in the National Center «Ukrainian House»

On November 20, the global project «Cultural Initiatives» started at the Ukrainian House. The advent of photography and the development of Impressionism paved the way to modern art and changed communication between people and the world for good. Photography is a special vision, a form of thinking, the cornerstone of the artists’ works. The Post-media […]

The Third Annual International Forum “Creative Ukraine” 2019 will take place in Kyiv during November 14-15

The Third Annual International Forum “Creative Ukraine” 2019 is a platform for political and expert discussion on the development of state policy in the field of creative industries. Contemporary advancements such as artificial intelligence, VR, AR & MR, blockchain, big data, 3D printing will be conceptualised as an instrument for providing equal access to culture, […]

Interactive exhibition “Ukraine WOW” will open at the Central Railway Station of Kyiv

On November 13 at the Central Railway Station of Kyiv an interactive exhibition titled “Ukraine WOW” will be inaugurated. The event is organized on occasion of the Railway Worker Day and is aimed at rediscovering Ukraine and to persuade the viewers that our country may arouse the truly “Wow!” emotions. The project will be placed […]

In Kyiv a tribute will be paid to the memory of the Ukrainian dissident poet Zenoviy Krasivsky

On November 12 at 18:30 in the House of Writers of Ukraine (the Liberman Estate) a commemoration meeting dedicated to dissident poet Zenoviy Krasivsky (1929-1991) will take place. The event is conducted on occasion of the 90th anniversary of birth of the Ukrainian public and political figure. Among the participants of the event will be […]

Opening of the “Levkas Miniatures” and “MoonWater” exhibitions at the Center for Contemporary Art “The White World”

In Kyiv on November 5 at 19.00 for the first time The “White World” Center for Contemporary Art will inaugurate the opening of two exhibitions “Levkas Miniatures” by the Biennale Levkas participants and “MoonWater” by Oleksandr Yanovych. The visitors will be able to see over 70 miniature works by the talented Levkas painters as well […]

Exhibition project The Ukrainian Art: From the Soviet period to Present days has been presented at the Bereznitsky Art Foundation

The Kupava Auction House has opened a pre-auction exhibition of Contemporary and the Soviet Ukrainian art “From Red to Blue–Yellow”. The exposition covers the works by the classics of visual art of the late twentieth century in combination with the oeuvre of the Ukrainian contemporari art stars, such as Tatiana Yablonskaya, Mykola Glushchenko, Vladyslav Mamsilov, […]