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The Publication Rules for the Materials Sent to the news portal Bodnarchuk.com.ua

The materials on the news portal Bodnarchuk.com.ua are published in Ukrainian, English and German.

The editorial board strongly recommends submitting articles written or translated into Ukrainian, English and German. If translation is unavailable, an article may be submitted for publication in the original language and its translation will be made by the editorial board.

We call your attention to the fact that the articles are published free of charge and that they are available to the public.

Guidelines for the Authors:

The editorial board of the news portal Bodnarchuk.com.ua accepts materials related to Ukrainian culture domestically and internationally.

Our Audience is the citizens of Ukraine, Europe and the USA willing to get acquainted with the traditions of ancient and modern Ukrainian culture as well as to observe cultural events in Ukraine.

The news portal Bodnarchuk.com.ua will help you to discover the history and true cultural heritage of Ukraine, it will tell about the outstanding personalities and Ukrainian modern artists.

For consideration of the issues of publishing an article on the Internet site Shubenkov.com.ua it is required to comply with the following requirements:

1) It is necessary to fill in an application form about the author.

2) Uniqueness of the materials. If the material is not unique or has previously been posted on other resources but you still want to offer it, you ought to report about this.

3) The materials must comply with all the format requirements.

4) The volume of news materials is from 200 characters and articles over 600 characters.  Text font – Times New Roman; font size – 14 (for tables it should be 10); line spacing – 1; Paragraph indention – 0.5 cm. The text must be justified. The reference to the source should be indicated after the text with the page numbers according to the source.

5) The additional design of texts would be an asset – illustrations, images, videos with obligatory indication of their titles and authorship.

6) If possible, the letter of authorship and the materials are to be sent in Word format or Google Documents.

7) The period of publication the material subject on condition of approval by the editor is within 1-2 weeks. If during this period the publication does not appear on the site, please contact the editor.

8) The main way of communication with the editor is by e-mail.

Please send your articles and additional materials to editor@ouav.com.ua

The editor has the right to reject the application of publication in case of:

  • hidden and direct advertising of parties, political organizations and movements, politicians, goods and services;
  • provocative statements offending the honor and dignity of individual;
  • obscene libel;
  • extremist narratives;
  • promotion of separatism, violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine;
  • propaganda of drug abuse;
  • the information containing threats, bring discredit, insulting, offending the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens or organizations;
  • appeals to actions falling within the scope of the Criminal Code of Ukraine;
  • propaganda and / or incitement to ethnic, racial, religious hatred, hostility, hostility and / or discrimination on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social grounds, hostility and / or discrimination on the grounds of gender and religion and social and race and ethnic origin, for everything that violates the laws and the Constitution of Ukraine.

The author of the article is responsible for correctness and reliability of the presented material, for its copyright and proprietary identity, the accuracy of the facts and the translation quality of quotations from foreign sources (if any).

In cases of plagiarism detection responsibility rests with the authors.

The editorial board reserves the right to:

  1. Reject the publication without explaining the reasons.
  2. Change the heading of the article, subtitles, edit, translate and add information to the material.
  3. Change the design of the text.
  4. Designate the copyrights for images.
  5. The editors may emendate mistakes (minor bug fixes) and clarify the content of the article, which improves its content, but doesn’t change its structure significantly. For this, you must send a request to the editor.

Please send all your questions and suggestions to: editor@ouav.com.ua